Guidance for the reduction of obtrusive lighting. From the UK's ILE . Thanks guys.

Just watched Joanna Lumley "In the Land of the Northern Lights"seeing the Aurora Borealis from northern Norway (BBC2 TV 6 :15pm UK, Monday 29 Dec 2008 and only for 7 days on iPlayer)  You will see the aurora some 48-49 minutes into the programme. Just fantastic. A life long ambition. Sad that others just see Aurora "Bognor Regis", like Sir Patrick Moore who lives in Selsey.

Dr. John Mason says this in his LP video. Others just see light pollution/light at night - LAN/LP. Sad, very sad that kids cannot see real stars (and aurora) and believe them only to be SFX.

In the Dark about Light Pollution? Get enlightened. From 2007 but still good.

Does architectural lighting contribute to breast cancer? So if it does don't unnecessarily light buildings at night and hence help to reduce global warming.

Absolutely NOTHING to do with LP/LAN and environmentalism. I have just watched a FAME reunion programme on UK Channel 4 TV. Fantastic - everyone can live forever.  How sad that our future now is so compromised?

"Climate change will increase concentrations of tropospheric ozone,... which would increase morbidity and mortality,..." So help reduce global warming by turning OFF unnecessary light at night.

New Year Resolution idea? Turn OFF unnecessary lights and maybe help to stop Himalayan village global warming and their glaciers melting back?

German Innovation - Street Lighting By SMS - neat huh?

Swiss glaciers in full retreat - BBC News.  So slow global warming by turning OFF unnecessary lights.

IL Criminal Justice Information Authority did an extensive investigation, discovering that increased light is responsible for increased crime of all types. So HORS 251 really is a load of rubbish/garbage?

Light Pollution - What's The Problem? Brian May's "very good friend" tells the story.

Light pollution - its "hidden" harm?

The 9th European Dark Sky Symposium, 17th - 19th, September, 2009, Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland.

California At Night - A massive waste of energy and light (and money$$$$).

Global Warming Might Cook Up Too Many Male Fish...a rise of 7 Fahrenheit degrees predicted by some (climate change) models for the end of the century would yield three males for every female, a ratio unfavorable for maintaining populations.  - So reduce waste energy which contributes to global warming by turning OFF unnecessary light at night.

Location, location.... The best places for astronomy in the UK.

The Consequences of Light at Night? Colin Henshaw's Notes now on Facebook.

Hope at last? Obama picks global warming expert as chief scientific advisor.

Find the nearest hydrogen filling station for your future hydrogen EV hybrid?

U.S. Cities spur action on climate change - WEH  28th March 2009

Canada kills its future ecology? The tar sand environment goes and "the most destructive fossil-fuel project on the planet" destroys our planet's future?

British Euro MEP, Chris Davies takes dim view on light pollution.  Moreover Europe is to carbon capture to reduce CO2 emissions.

Join Linda Nicholes in an EV 21st century? Use overnight "base load electricity" to power YOUR electric vehicle and do not waste energy creating light pollution - neat huh (and oh so simple)?

The skies over Utah parks are threatened? Just more stupidity by Government.

Let's reduce light pollution in 2009? A very good idea for International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Arctic ice melting at alarming rates?  So switch off unnecessary LAN?

Keep lights on at night, waste more energy and add to polar melting. "Apparently " 2 "trillion" tonnes of Arctic ice has melted "prematurely" since 2003:NASA.

The Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council. Promoting GOOD outdoor lighting.

"light pollution is not really a pollution " This question was asked of an Internet search engine - it got this response HERE I hope that the person making this inquiry got a worthwhile answer?

"Understanding Skyglow" ILE environmental document of understanding...........?

Professor Gerhard Eisenbeis (Rich and Longcore, page 283)- 'Insects are sucked out of habitat areas (by LAN) as if by a vacuum, which may deplete local populations (of insects)....... Kolligs(2000) (this URL link  does not access the reference itself - sadly none exists) found that the insects captured on each side of the greenhouse (studied) reflected habitat conditions on that side, providing evidence of the "vacuum cleaner" effect.' -  Please realise that LAN/LP is maybe harming us, our environment and maybe compromising our long term future? Sadly, if we are not JIT we may well be JTL?

Obama left with little time to cure global warming - Then how about turning off unnecessary lights to help?

NIEHS-funded scientists have also demonstrated that night-time exposure to artificial light can stimulate the growth of human breast tumors in mice by suppressing the levels of a key hormone called melatonin.

Common birds in decline.

"Since 1967 the average population of the common birds in steepest decline has fallen by 68 percent; some individual species nose-dived as much as 80 percent. All 20 birds on the national Common Birds in Decline list lost at least half their populations in just four decades."  Wow - you don't say, nothing new there then and LAN had nothing to do with it? Frankly I don't believe it.

Power blackouts could "blight" the UK - SKY NEWS. BTW I said this ~ 2 years ago.

Light Pollution (The Video) - What's the problem?  Download from Queen's Brian May web site.

U.S. Cities to Spur Action on Climate Change by Going Dark for WWF’s Earth Hour 2009. Now you're talking!

Calif. adopts tough greenhouse gas restrictions Good old Arnold?

London to join Earth Hour 2009 says Boris Johnson. Nice one Boris, Ken could not ne bothered this inspite of my invitations. At least Boris has responded.

IYA 2009 video telecom kick off Thursday 11th December 2008. Join in and air your thoughts?

Poland - WEH - World Earth Hour set to be largest climate  event in history?

IUCN warned October of extinctions. More warnings from Poland, Wednesday, 10 December 2008.

Obama vows to end global warming DENIAL after talks with Al Gore Fat chance - given the power of BIG OIL, BIG COAL AND BIG INDUSTRY? None know the meaning of the word sustainablity - the only word that they know is PROFIT aka greed?

Climate change is "unequivocal, .. already happening, and is caused by human activity."  Washington Post, 9 December 2008, 9:46 am. So turn OFF unnecessary light at night and REDUCE global warming caused by YOU? Think before it's JTL - Just Too Late.

The Lighting Police are helping and so too does Need-Less!

From National Geographic - This bulb will save planet Earth? And don't create LAN!

A new video about light pollution at Starry Night Lights.

Light pollution harms NOT JUST astronomers?

An ANT tells the story of light pollution - what great sadness that we lose so much? 

"Greenhouse gases increase in the USA" - Bush fails - once again?

Human degradation of the environment has the potential to stall planetary evolution?

More harm to be done to the environment in the USA? NOTHING to do with LP/LAN 

More Light, More Crime: Chicago. Old news from 2000 but still relevant? Report HERE. 

Could Our Lights Actually Go Out......? If you are a media journalist wanting further information about LP/LAN and environmental issues of import  then click HERE.

Climate "juggernaut" marches on?  -- huge droughts and floods, cyclones with increasingly more destructive power, pandemics of tropical disease, dramatic decline of biodiversity and increasing ocean levels," said Polish Environment Minister Maciej Nowicki.

NATURE's brightest creatures not a match for light pollution?  The Thai video of them.

Al Gore: First ever political/"presidential" address on light pollution, LP/LAN! 

Climate change "tipping point" is fast approaching - and politicians remain "deaf"? 

Everything is "cracking" up? Antarctic Wilkins Ice Shelf due to collapse imminently? 

The Earth's "lungs" are moving towards their last gasp? News out now that  deforestation in the Brazilian rain forest is up about 4 percent. Do the math in the USA and the maths in the UK and at this rate in ONLY 5 years deforestation will be at 20 percent. How fit would YOU be with 20 percent of your lungs gone?

Endangered night skies: Light invades Utah's night skies. Salt Lake Tribune.

Copied from the Astronomy 4 Kids page  - This "hot" news from the Outdoor Lighting Forum (the OLF) of the USA. Tiffany Zambrano and Alexis Guerrero report on YouTube (from Alexis's house) on LP, light pollution, and EH, Earth Hour upcoming 8pm thru 9pm, 28 March, 2009. Clear skies.

"We must not repeat the mistakes of the past,"advise given to Barak Obama.

The coal, used to create the electricity which is WASTED creating LP/LAN, costs 360,000 million Euros annually. And YOU pay for it! It is now clearly shown that the total annual light energy loss  is expected to be well over 1 billion US dollars per year world-wide.

Just in BUT one year old - page 14, Order of the Earth, Green Youth Corner:Light Pollution "Though common, the assumption that light pollution only poses a danger to aesthetic beauty and the view through a few telescopes, is incorrect. The adverse effects of light pollution range from health problems in humans to devastating environmental damage." So now you know.

The Garden of Eaden - A horticulturalist agrees with Colin Henshaw and I? 

If you have been to this site before you will know that I have supported Earth Hour since it started 2 years ago.

The WWF are having World Earth Hour 2009  - EH 2009 - watch their video HERE

Some Effects of Artificial Lighting On Wildlife and do you know what? Nocturnal animals are likely to be disturbed by bright illumination and deterred from using established foraging and breeding areas. Nothing new there then?

Will US President-Elect Barak Obama persue the truth? Try this for size - 'The City "Domes" of Wasted Energy Which Should Be Charging Our EVs?' Will his policy advisors agree? I certainly hope so! 

This is old news BUT no-one listened then (2003) and no-one listens now? "As the stars fade from view, a growing body of research suggests that excessive exposure to artificial night light can alter basic biological rhythms in animals, change predator-prey relationships, and even trigger deadly hormonal imbalances in humans."

How Arctic melting will help shippers and oil companies (but not polar bears)? 

FALSE AURORAS:  Warning: Not all northern lights are aurora borealis. Consider the following display of "false auroras" over Ambler, Pennsylvania, on Nov 19th.

Fireflies in decline? Nothing new there then. Colin Henshaw predicted this (and much more) 15 years ago. 

Protecting the night sky above the Lower Wisconsin - neat huh? Wisconsin Journal - "I remember once when someone said, 'You know the view would be better if those clouds weren't up there,' " Zumm recalled. "I said, 'Dude! Those aren't clouds. That's the Milky Way!' " The stuff of dreams for the webmaster here in the UK?

You heard it here first. House sparrows plummet 68% BBC TV 20-November 2008.   If you read Dr. Kate Vincent's research you can learn more

BBC TV today 19-Nov-2008. I have just heard that 3 big USA car companies are looking for a "bail out"? The reporter described them as "not paying attention to innovation" or words to that effect. May I remind folk that GM had the EV1 10 years ago. It is NOT that they failed to innovate - instead they became complacent and didn't bother to support innovation? With the EV1 charging at night, with unnecessary lights switched off you wake up to a car that does not pollute when you commute and power station engineers happy?

Read that we should charge our EVs at night and switch off LAN?

WEH - World Earth Hour is upcoming next March 2009. Someone today in the Philippines did a SEARCH and came back to this web site to view the Sydney EH composite from 2007 - neat huh? 

BTW If you read below that I am concerned that we do not conserve, that instead we waste profligately, how about this for a new story? Water will be in short supply by 2080. Maybe I will be dead but my relatives will not. 

Am I stupid or what? Why do we always hear discussion of energy provision? We waste far too much anyway - why do I not hear of conservation, conservation and more conservation? Switch off unnecessary lights at night - don't cause unnecessary LAN

Blinded by the Light? A handbook explaining some of the concerns which surround the 24 hour day caused by light at night -LAN.  This is the frontispiece to the CfDS handbook which is now in pre-print. It is hoped that publication will appear soon - in the New Year at the latest. 

Scots urged to see the light in campaign for "dark sky parks"! 

The truth behind Britain's bright night skies.

China's coal fires belch fumes, worsening global warming? 

BBC TV Wild China-Tibetan glaciers are melting (Sunday 16-Nov-2008). Sadly they are melting faster than they used to!  Fires today in California - gosh? We wonder why? Irony!

The NG November 2008 is unhappy with LAN. The New Yorker was unhappy  last year! 

California has got it? Global warming is real and seas WILL rise. Schwarzenegger! 

Destruction of the future starts HERE - "The USA pursues drilling off Virginia". LAN kills bugs, birds, bats and many other animals. Now we see the onset of more harm WITHOUT regulation? I see a situation developing here like the money markets. When will the environment go into "meltdown"?

UN puts a different "spin" on the modern "brown-out"? We used to have this when I was a kid - only we called them "pea-soupers" or London fogs etc.

Streetlights and driving - "Light from ... street lights makes it harder for you to see the road ahead." So now you know that street lighting does NOT make it safer to drive at night? Very curious.

Humans losing the battle against  global warming and climate change: IEA?

Homer Glen leads the World and its City Fathers Agree

This page section is under development but it shows residents and leaders of Homer Glen, a village in the conurbation of the city of Chicago, in Illinois, USA. Debra Norvil (cream jacket) has got back the names of folk in the picture line up to me (see caption details below). Homer Glen joined in with the rest of the World to attempt to make energy saving and sustainability a tangible reality. Homer Glen followed Sydney, Australia on the 1st birthday of Earth Hour 2007 to attempt to draw attention to the extent to which we WASTE energy every day and night. A 24 hour day problem in this global village? San Francisco ended with the Golden Gate having its floodlights turned off but the roadway lights, of course, were left illuminated. In short Home Glen turned off UNNECESSARY lighting which is all that EH (Earth Hour) is all about. I am looking forward to WEH next year, 2009 (World Earth Hour, 2009). Tell YOUR city fathers that if their township didn't join in then they will be responsible for future failure. Homer Glen made the effort this year and will continue to do so. Will your city leaders do the same?

Picture figure captions -  L to R:  Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, Homer Glen Mayor James Daley, Homer Glen Trustee Russell Knaack, Homer Glen Trustee Margaret Sabo, Debra Norvil, Bob Gent IDA, and IDA Illinois Section Leader At Large Dave Toeppen. LATEST 24 August 2010 HERE - Chicagoland WTTW channel 11.

Somehow if others didn't join in this year then I guess that they will not bother next year. Sad isn't it? But it is real nice that Homer Glen knows the way forward.

BTW we are now in 2010 - WEH 2009 built on EH 2008 and the WWF have their new video for Earth Hour  2010 HERE.  Enjoy!



By the time people wake up to its "hidden" effects it will be "just too late"? This quote from Challenge magazine page 20, Summer 2006.

Learn more about the problem at

Here you will SEE the nature of this problem!

It is much worse than you can ever imagine?

We had four UK light pollution petitions! Many are now out of date. Examine, peruse and learn. If you see a need for another petition then please create it.

The new one is HERE -

One web address is here .....

Another can be found here...

And a  rural campaign is here

John Tunnicliffe has added...

And another here at........... 

Whilst these petition links are now out of date I leave them here for information.

The latest (March 2008) petition link however concerns Jodrell Bank's Merlin interferometer.

The £85 million Government scientific funding cut-back puts Jodrell and Merlin at risk. Don't let Government ignorance fail our future in science.

The petition web site is at - please sign up.

There is a new book out there titled The Energy Age, by Robert Kyriakides of GENERSYS PLC who are the publisher. This retails at about £13 at B&Q! If you do not know anything about energy then read this book. Energy use, energy abuse and proper energy management are all included in the narrative. I have not read it fully. Watch this space for more. GENERSYS have a web site at

The energy which we waste at night, illuminating the night sky, should be powering our Electric Vehicles. It does not because of corporate incompetence?

Please be kind enough to read "The City Domes of Wasted Energy Which Should Be Charging Our EVs" Bill Moore, editor of EV World, has placed a link to this article, archive at EV World HERE 

What is 'Light Pollution'? See here ... LP - THE MOVIE!


NB - Some links below are now 4 years old. If any video links fail then try this CfDS update URL to be found HERE. Enjoy from years ago. BTW nobody listens even today, one decade into the 21st century, after the warning of the 19th century?

Light pollution is simply light that is having a bad effect on the environment. You can watch a WMV movie video explaining "The Problem?" by clicking HERE. The major effects are:

  • Wasted light means wasted energy that means unnecessary carbon emissions
  • Nocturnal insects are affected. Animals which depend on these insects for food are then affected.
  • A comprehensive guide can be found in " Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting" by Catherine Rich and Travis Longcore. ISBN 1-55963-128-7 ISLAND PRESS 2006 £20.78. A brief review of this book can be seen at
  • The beauty of the night sky is lost - when is the last time you REALLY saw the stars in all their glory?
  • WE ARE ALL HEARING OF OUR CARBON FOOTPRINTS! WHAT ABOUT OUR SKYPRINTS? Light Pollution is stamping its "footprint" across our night sky and blotting out our views of the stars and the Milky Way. Should we be concerned with our Skyprints which waste energy and pollute the night sky with unwanted light and wasted energy? Why do we tolerate this? Ask your city fathers.
  • If you are a member of an astronomical society then download the videos below and show them at your meetings. They are some of the presentations from last year's Dark Sky Symposium held in Portsmouth, England in September 2006.Please pass this idea on to others in other astro socs. Please spread the word.

  • The Inaugural Address by Lembit Opik, MP. 20MB.
  • THE DR. JOHN MASON PRESENTATION IN WMV VIDEO FORMAT                        The image at the top of this section is taken from the title slides of Dr. John Mason's lecture at the CfDS Dark Sky Symposium (2006) in Portsmouth, England. His ADOBE pdf presentation can be accessed from HERE. This 50MB PDF will take about 3-4 minutes to download on broadband connections. The video of his lecture is now completed and is a 41MB WMV file which is now downloadable from the link above.  It lasts 1/2 hour but is good enough quality AND CONTENT to justify watching. (Download times for broadband are 3-4 minutes. Dial-up will be too long.) It is informative and even humourous! You will enjoy it and find that it even educates. (Please know that your WMV codecs will need to be correct for this version of WMV - I will advise correction procedures when I know what problems will occur). ENJOY.
  • THE BOB MIZON PRESENTATION IN WMV VIDEO  FORMAT   Like John's video, this is about 35MB. 
  • Abacus Lighting PLC who sponsored the event - their video. 26MB.
  • The Closing Address by Robert Key, MP. 50MB.
  • Another anti-LP YouTube video but this time by just an ANT! Click HERE. Just 3 minutes of cartoon.
  • More YouTube anti-LP with good music but an abrupt end credit HERE.
  • A 4 minute UK YouTube is HERE. This left me feeling sad for what we have lost?
  • The video above asks that we turn lights down or off. Dont' leave MEEEE on!
  • Chuck Bueter, in the US of A, has a YouTube  LP video edit set HERE.
  • The Highland Astronomical Society has a light pollution page HERE.
  • Cardiff Astro Soc have their anti-LP page HERE.
  • The Society for Popular Astronomy, the SPA, have a blog HERE.
  • This YouTube for astronomers who are poets. Demon of the Light!

The purpose of this website

Light pollution is unnecessary and can be controlled with very simple measures that cost very little. We aim to show you how YOU can make a difference and how YOU can improve your local environment. Remember that light at night needs to be enough to meet the need, it needs to be where it is wanted and at the time that it is wanted and it needs to be no more than will do the job! Turn off light at night (and at any other time) if there is no need for electric light? Switch it off! Do not waste energy! Do not warm planet Earth! Do not add to global warming!

You know it makes sense? Or do you? Please do not be blind to that which you cannot see! The "hidden" effects of LP? This is a life experience for so many politicians - those in our world who are so blind that they WILL not see!

The main points

Here are some points about light pollution and its effects.
  1. Insects are at the base of the food chain for many animals including bats, birds, frogs, lizards and many small mammals.
  2. Nocturnal insects are drawn to bright light. This can kill them or distract them from breeding which means fewer insects for other animals to eat.
  3. Holland has the worst light pollution in the EU. It has the lowest biodiversity as well.
  4. In global terms, 19% of all electricity used produces light at night. The 24 hour day! There is NO circadian rhythm. What will be the further consequences of this problem?
  5. Improving street lighting at ground level can save local councils and city authorities many millions each year. It can also reduce carbon emissions by a significant amount.
  6. The glow of wasted light over our towns and cities means that we have lost the night sky - an important part of our environment.
  7. Light pollution is a "green" issue and those organisations concerned about the environment, as well as the astronomical community, should be involved in combating the problem. (JBAA, 104, 6, 1994).

Potentially Worthwhile Links.....?

Brian May is against LP. His Bang Universe web site is here -

The IDA is here -....

The CfDS is here .......... 

 You can learn about Bob Mizon of the CfDS here..........

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is here....... is here (in Croatia/Hungary)....(no English translation yet)


Pierantonio Cinzano is here...........

Prairie Astronomy Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA  have an LP fact sheet here-


Simply browse and enjoy, and then turn OFF your lights!

All the best, web site manager Graham Cliff. Manchester University graduate in Physics and Electronic Engineering, 1971. Now a retired Honorary Senior Research Fellow, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester, England. My primary research has been high resolution x-ray microanalysis. One of my significant papers (with colleagues P.E.Champaness and G.W. Lorimer) is "The Identification of Asbestos, J of M, 1976", using what became known as Cliff-Lorimer k factors, from an even more significant yet earlier paper in 1975 (G. Cliff and G. W. Lorimer, J. Microsc., 1975, 103, 203). The controversy surrounding nanoparticles today is coming home to roost. I warned of their long range environmental effects 30 years ago and no-one listened, although MANSA June 2010  has debated their metrology at the NPL, Teddington, London. Proceedings will be provided "soon".

This web site's tracking software is returning evidence that browsers want to know "who is Graham Cliff". Although very flattering "Graham Cliff" as such will not take a GOOGLE search very far. If you have read the pdf "Is Light Pollution Killing Our Birds" you will know that I am a retired Analytical Electron Microscopist (AEM). So what I hear you say! Well my wife, Pauline, tells friends that "I know my place". This is because my goal in AEM was to analyse atoms and yet I am an amateur astronomer and so I know the scale of our Universe - hence I know my place? I took over a job from Margaret Beckett (nee Jackson) in 1971 at Manchester University. She was until recently the Foreign Secretary of the UK. My colleague Gordon Lorimer and I were interviewed, by BBC political correspondent Michael Crick, about Margaret as a person, when John Smith in 1994 died and she then led the Labour Party before Tony Blair. We had to be "economical with the truth". If you have bothered to get to here then access GOOGLE scholar, key in "Cliff Lorimer" and read on. You should find about 2190 (at 5-12-2007, it was 1490 on 11-10-2007) references to my work in AEM (now 3190 as of 6 March 2009, now 4150 on 7 Jun 2009 and 4260 29Nov 2009, whilst 10 Feb 2010 it was 4,410, with 27 Mar 2010 it was 4820, 14 July 2010 it was 5190 , 30th July 2010 it was 5200, 29th September, 2010 it was 5230, and now 5450 in 14 Jan 2011. This work on AEM, has been described as a citation index "classic".  (This pdf, for the curious, is from the SAM, 1992 and is 1.5MB). Very flattering once again but it was based on good common sense science.There are some of my papers from MAS 1992 here - From Microns to Atoms and Poissonian Problems from Gaussian Probes, with In-situ Analysis of Precipitates in Some Mg-Rare Earth Alloys.

BTW my career has given me experience with nanoparticles and asbestos - the cause of lung disease in 911 emergency workers, apparently? What Mt Sinai Medical Center descirbes as a "ticking time bomb" years ago, apparently?

Light pollution is neither good nor driven by common sense. Please get on board and help Sir David Attenborough save Planet Earth for today's kids and their future. You know that it makes sense? Or do you?

All the rest is history.

If you are an historian how about this 3 MB pdf? It includes Sir Patrick Moore's signature on my Wilkins and Moore "Handbook for Telescope Making", Tony Bradshaw with his "REAL" telescope at Jodrell Bank and an image of ME with Tony's scope on the ADAS observatory roll-off roof,  before light pollution wrecked astronomy in Timperley!

Astronomy Now used it May, 1992. Small world isn't it?

David Eicher used the same image as a front page cover on one of his books years ago (the other picture here is from my video projector's intro screen shot. I am standing on a TV weather map in the Albert Dock, Liverpool, England. My jacket I bought in Salt Lake City, after my wife photographed me in a book store holding David Eicher's book with my image on its front cover).  The store in Salt Lake City had a Wilson's Leather  shop. The store with David Eicher's book sold telescopes. I hope that Salt Lakers patronize these stores. BTW the guys in the B&W photo of 4 (now aged) astronomers are me, Colin Henshaw (co-discoveror of Supernova 1987A ), Robin Scagell, Vice President of the SPA and Gresham  Professor Ian Morison of Jodrell Bank, Radio Telescope Observatory, University of Manchester, England).

If you have bothered to read to here then look at Graham, Colin and Fred Talbot, when they were only 18 in 1968 in the pdf HERE

Enjoy it, if you can, in this unsustainable, light polluted, badly managed world!

Sad that I am so cynical, isn't it? Can anyone offer me sustainable hope for our future?

I added this 1.5MB pdf image to add to my "ego", which of course I do not have(?). I appear in 1994 with academic colleagues at the inauguration of the Lehigh 300kV STEM/AEM which achieved atom analysis resolution in 1996, a year later than I predicted in Boston in 1992 when I received the MAS/EMSA Presidential Award. My wife likes to tell friends that as an electron microscopist and astronomer "I know my place".  The Sale and Altrincham Messenger interviewed me in 1992 and asked about the MAS award which I had received - it explained my "modesty". Neat huh?

Have YOUR Photo Opportunity To Have Your Say.

A web page Light Pollution photo gallery has been in place now for just over a year(?). Its home page is at

It has images from activist anti-LP members motivated to bother to take a photo of an LP (or a light energy wastage) problem and to then post it. Not quite a YOUTUBE of LP but then LP is not very dynamic. Some of these photos are worthy of despair and distress. I like(?) numbers 1, 19&22, 45, 48, 59&60 (which are "ironic"), 72, 86, 89 and so on.

Please be inclined to post your own. Maybe if you live outside the UK you could ask that a WORLD Gallery be created? You could even create your own. That reminds me - Is there already a World LP gallery site? What is its URL? Please get back if you know of one and I will post it here. Enjoy, or not, as the case may be - more irony. 

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