Is light pollution killing our birds......????????

Public enemy No. 1

Read the Challenge pdf - "Is Light Pollution Killing Our Birds?"  (and other animals)!  It has been doing so for nearly 116 years.   Professor Gerhard Eisenbeis remarked in 2006 that the light at night of the 24 hour day sucks insects to their deaths like a vacuum cleaner! (Professor Gerhard Eisenbeis, in Rich and Longcore, p. 283). So ALL insectivores, and not just English songbirds, are likely to die from simple starvation? Did YOU know that the house sparrow and starling, as is the cuckoo, are "threatened"?

World Earth Hour 2013 got this web site no increease in its hit rate. From thousnads per day when Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour increased this web site's hits. This year "zilch" - absolutely NOTHING!!! ! So sad...................

50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ -  We’re celebrating the great outdoors this spring with the National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ challenge, refreshed for 2013 and now including stargazing!

Lights out – France to force shops and offices to go dark overnight

French light pollution law is expected to save 250,000 tonnes of C02 a year. Just imagine how good it would be to say the same around the world and thus reduce the contribution that burning fossil fuel makes to polluting the world's air. We have only one atmospher to breath and we need to breath clean air surely? Not creating anthropogenic air pollution nanoparticles causing nanotoxicology and subsequent nanopathology - huh?

BTW Countrtyfile on the BBC this evening, Sunday March 24th, did a piece about the new Brecon Beacons Dark Sky site, seeing the night sky and light pollution. Well done Countryfile. They have done a piece about seeong Aurora - tale a looke HERE.

For anybody who is interested, the UK Government wants to employ biomass to "keep the lights on". I keep my lights on with PV panels and with Grid Buddy. I wrote in 2006 that energy management failure would result in the lights going out. Watch what it is proposed will deal with the problem. We will keep the lights on with so called "sustainable" biomass!.

The URL which Parliament provided here above  did not work on this web site! I do not know why? Apaolisies to anyone who is disappointed. The URL for the video itself however can be found from  HERE -

Join the WWF's Earth Hour - 23rd March 2013 from 8.30pm. This is the 7th year of the WEH - the World Earth Hour. People who knew of the first Earth Hour  in Sydney  in 2007 joined in around the world. Will YOU this year, 2013? The year of Air in Europe - with people becoming more aware that not only is the night polluted but so is the day!

THE HIDDEN COSTS OF LIGHT POLLUTION. The globe has never been so electrified. Today, most of Europe, the United States and all of Japan appear as solid blocks of light in satellite photos. Meanwhile, the stars have been all but extinguished from our night skies. The Earth is now readily visible from space, but space is no longer visible from Earth.

Good news for astronomy from the Brecon Beacons. It has been awarded a Dark Sky status. Very well done the Brecon Beacons!!!

"The status means the night-sky is protected and lighting controls are in place to prevent light pollution."

Seen the News about the Russian bolide? Have a look here - sorry about the crap ads. These Internet ad  idiots, who impose this on us, really need to be got rid of - would you agree? 15 February 2013.

 BLAHOSLAV Konopka has written a Slovakian translation. Thanks from Graham Cliff, webmaster

My old alma mater, the University of Manchester, now has Jodrell Bank hosting the BBC, Brian Cox and Star Gazing Live for the 3rd year. It was part clear - it was for ADAS when we looked at Jupiter, Uranus, M31, the Nebula in Orion and a host of other objects - neat huh?

This for treehugging environmentalists - YOU maybe?  Gov't Mule - World Wake Up.wmv  Its all vanity, insanity today - Logic fails, Greed prevails, World wake up, Communicate, It's not too late, today! Or is it?

Did YOU have a very good Christmas and New Year, 2012? I hope so. BUT don't forget that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (guiding Santa at night) was COMPLETELY REDUNDANT because of unnecessary ALAN! Unnecessary Artificial Light At Night........................... Rudolph can turn his nose off now .. anthropogenic LP will light Father Christmas and his sleigh now and into our future, apparently!

We now have another RIP - Sir Patrick Moore! He passed away Sunday, 9th December, 2012.  So sad - the man that gave me hope in science, astronomy and the future that science would lead the way! He is on Youtube from last year HERE (courtesy Gary Citro from the USA). He  was on TV when I was a child - I could watch him Sundays before TV switched off for evening "quietude"! Can you believe that? I was talking with Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell-Burnell recently (Wed, 5 Dec 2012) and she signed one of my amateur astronomy books. Sir Patrick had signed my others of his in previous years when I had lectured with him at Jodrell Bank. His life in pictures from the BBC. So sad. He now joins my grandDads as "stars" in the night sky alongside lunar astronaut Neil Armstrong.

From the Telegraph - (about a quarter of the wau down the page)

SIR – May I suggest a way for people to honour the memory of Sir Patrick Moore? A country-wide, mass light switch-off for an hour would reduce light pollution and allow budding and amateur astronomers to see the sky at night.

Michelle Varney

Neil Armstrong RIP - NASA has a nice idea "The next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the Moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."

Warning as light pollution hits rural Yorkshire - EXCLUSIVE!

A site in the USA had an interesting comment about this site

- isn't the Internet neat? Did you see its inventor on the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics Games?I hope that the links that YOU choose to follow work and explain the problems that we all have with LP, and not just birds and their insect food.

New out now and already sold out, apparently! Bob Mizon's book in its 2nd edition update - Light Pollution: Responses and Remedies (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)

Florida Altlantic University agrees that Light Pollution Decimates Insects and the Environment.. You heard it first HERE and from as far back as 1897!

Taken from space, these images show the staggering extent of the world’s light pollution. the shots highlight mankind’s sheer waste of energy with London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid burning bright, while Africa, South America and large swathes of Asia remain in darkness.

This just in from Mrs. Grace McNeil, The W.B. Goodwin Community Center Springfield, Pennsylvania  - Light Pollution and its Ecological Effects

Hot news from Exeter UniversityEcological Concerns in Losing Our Starry Night

 Visualise the extent of the energy being wasted in these city night scapes from space.

In 2006 the UK was "the worst energy wasters in Europe" - I bet we are even worse NOW?

Who turned off the stars? WE DID! Jim Ribble of CNN takes an audio  look at Light Pollution - and Verlyn Klinkenborg of National Geographic.

Twinkle, Twinkle little star: 'Ruined By Light Pollution'

And something new - Live Science -  Towers Kill 6.8 Million Birds a Year, Study Estimates Once more anthropogenic harm kills - that means man made harm kills!

Sadly no-ne cared about Earth and the WWF Earth Hour - just look at the trend in (dis)interest since it started in Sydney, in 2007, HERE.

Earth Hour will be watched over from space as the lights go out - yeah and who cares - no one full stop. So why do I bother with the Precautionary Principle? Because I care and no one else does care. So clearly I am just wasting my time - period! I just hope the astronauts/cosmonauts on the ISS will be recording what they see - at long last!

BTW I have advised NASA via Dave Kanipe, William Jeffs, Kelly Humphries and others to get the ISS to watch EH, since it started in 2007 - this is the first year that they bother - a bit too late for me?

Our World Is Brilliant - but there is too much light at night for Kate Humble's bats - did YOU join the WWF Earth Hour this weekend? - and turn off unnecessary lights at night. You know it makes sense. Learn more about Kate and her bat concerns HERE.

Good gosh Miss Molly - garden crime increases as it gets lighter. Now who would have guessed that crime requires brighter lighing, apparently?

Light pollution on Youtube   -   the NEW AND IMPROVED version.

The director of the Hayden Planetarium, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - the most amazing fact about us is that we are made from STARS. And I used to analyse those atoms from which we are made, in the analytical electron microscope - neat huh?

BTW  Real Aurora Borealis (and not Patrick's Aurora Bognor Regis - LP/ALAN) is on its way from a naked eye Sunspot group which has recemtly flared,  AR 1429 is a spectacular sight, with a lot of detail visible, and now that it is big enough to be naked eye you can see it with a very dense filter like a welding mask! Kinda ironic that the Beeb did an Horizon programme about solar storms, Tuesday when the current flare erupted, huh?

Learn more about the "hidden", "devious" and "insidious" harm done by LP/ALAN HERE.

Prof. Brian Cox - eat your heart out - not just astronomy BUT science, youth and something else - even  IF you are NOT an astronomer watch the Earth Orbit the Sun in its Extraordinary Journey on BBC 2 for the last time this Sunday, with Kate Humble and newcomer,  Dr. Helen Czerski (who went to my wife's and sister-in-law's old school, Altrincham Girls Grammar School - neat huh?).

The BEST International Space Station, ISS, video ever - You decide - BUT just look at the appalling LP. It's everywhere at night - costing billions and killing people, apparently?

Telegraph, Thursday, 23rd February, 2012 -  Pollution goes against God's will, say church leaders in Ash Wednesday message. Does that include light pollution, which makes it today so easy to steal church lead fittings, apparently?

BBC News - Road lighting 'could be dimmed',  Lights on thousands of miles of major roads in England could be dimmed during quiet periods in a bid to save money and reduce carbon emissions, it has emerged.

Light Pollution is energy waste and it is harming OUR health today.  Drew Carhart says that - We cannot use our lands, air and water as unlimited dumping grounds for our wastes, without eventually suffering negative consequences.

Learn how bad it is in Hong Kong from Richard Quest of CNN HERE.

BTW, with the LP energy waste this Christmas, Rudolph the RED NOSED RHIENDEER, is completely REDUNDANT. Santa did not need Rudolph's RED nose to light the way - the LP did that for him. Moreover with no Arctic sea ice his elves will have to swim for it  - just like the polar bears, apparently? Also - will any of YOU join in with the 6th (now World) Earth Hour, which started in Sydney, 2007? I have given it support on these pages since its inception in 2006 by the WWF. In 2006, WWF-Australia inspired Sydney-siders to show their support for climate change action in the first ever Earth Hour event. Learn more for 2012 at their web site HERE>  What interests me is that a UK Brit, from where I live in NW England, organised the first Earth Hour - her name is Catherine Egan - she is a fan of my best man, Granada TV weatherman Fred Talbot, an amateur astronomer. Small world huh? I well remember the true outback night sky from Australia - one word describes it - FANTASTIC! I felt that I could TOUCH THE STARS. Magic.

Don't forget - do YOUR bit for World Earth Hour, 2012, by downloading the pdf " DON'T Turn Me On and Then Just Leave MEEE.....! from HERE!  You can put this poster near light switches that are left on, too often? You know it makes sense as Del Boy would have said, apparently? (On BBC TV years ago).

BTW does this have any "political" overtones? "Pray there is intelligent life in space cos we've been cheated here on Earth!" - Eric Idle's Galaxy song from  Clint Black says it all. We don't need Professor Brian Cox to know the real truth - we see it all around us - except at night when we are unable to see the Universe because of the anthropogenic light pollution that costs us billions - remarkable, huh?

US Government - EHP- Missing the Dark: Health Effects of Light Pollution  - so now you know, apparently, BUT do YOU?

Burglars afraid of the dark? Crime falls when Bristol street lights are turned off, apparently? So that the BAA/CfDS has been correct all along - we told them so but they would not listen - a bit like the air pollution issue - the smallest unregulated particles are the deadliest, apparently; we really will be JTL?

My astronomical society, ADAS, took their scopes to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre Saturday night, 26th November. We joined the MAS and LAS to show public visitors the belts of Jupiter and the Jovian moons. A good time was had by all when they got their glimpses of Jupiter through brief gaps in the wind blown clouds. At least it didn't rain.  We understood that the 250 foot Lovell was looking at the Crab Nebula whilst we looked at Jupiter - neat huh? Some of the pictures from Saturday at Jodrell are now my Facebook photos page that you can access from its link below. Wecome.

The Enormous Environmental Consequences of Artificially Lighting Up the Night - Leo Smith. We have been doing it for over 114 years, warned about it for decades and no-one cares - period! Why?

Please find time to examine this new light pollution web site from Macclesfield AS - MyDarkSky!

MEGALUX lighting have re-published the Challenge article from 2006 - thanks guys and all the best with your lighting endeavours!

Should we light up the night sky like daylight - or should it be no more than the Full Moon? Read more here.

Food for thought? How much will warming raise seas? Greenland ice is key
Scientists scouring Greenland this summer are trying to answer a crucial question: How much of its ice will melt, and how quickly, in a world warming fastest in the Arctic?

BTW sparrow expert, Denis Summers-Smith  "believes some extra phenomenon is making the young birds "unviable" and he thinks he knows what it may be: air pollution and, especially, particulates, the microscopic soot particles produced by diesel exhausts. " All of which are unregulated because they are smaller than PM2.5 - the current legal regulated particle size limit, apparently?

You may well have read that climate change will compromise food production - well Colin Tudge predicted this in 2008.  We really will be JTL before anyone in power wakes up to future reality, apparently?

Read more in Late Breaking down this page below.

This page has been translated into Mauritian-Creole by Colin Henshaw and into Belarussian by Bohdan Zograf. Thanks guys - Graham Cliff.

WWF Earth Hour 2011 - the 4th Anniversay - but will anyone care - I doubt it.

My web site tracking software shows that many are asking Google about "The USA from space at night". Real nice that this takes people to this web site's pages - neat huh?

BTW the webmaster Graham Cliff is now on Facebook - have a look HERE - This album now has 112 images.

Although the message is getting out, apparently? The latest video from Science Museum that unnecessary artificial light at night (unnecessary ALAN) is reducing where the wider implications of the LP problem is understood?

Light pollution: the "hidden" harm and Insects: we would do well to remember them? Well frankly we haven't done at all well to remember them, apparently? I have just heard that J. A Allen, in Science of 1886 said that "It is only when man comes upon the scene that nature's balance is seriously disturbed." What an irony that such a modern statement is 124 years old? Allen's article title was "The Present Wholesale Destruction of Bird-Life in the United States". They are still talking about this issue today. By the time they do something it will be JTL - Just Too Late, apparently? Read more in LATE BREAKING down page!

Environmetal Protection UK do a downloadable pdf leafletet HERE about light pollution. But please do not forget that you can reduce unnecessary light at night, which causes light pollution, by turning off lights which are not needed (Carbon Trust pdf).

The UK Government wants ideas to save money and energy - I told them HERE to turn OFF unnecessary vanity lighting - simple huh? If you want more then read this - The change of the Light Brigade - Mancunians are being asked to spotlight the city's energy wasters by tipping-off campaigners to those buildings that leave their lights on at night (the video). You can email this story to friends with the link top LHS of the BBC  page.  All that is needed is to switch OFF unnecessary (even vanity) lighting at night, simple huh?

The BBC - Night time creatures in crisis.  The history of light pollution has been much older than you might imagine? The really serious problem is that NO ONE will research this insect decline hypothesis and the more widespread "hidden" harm that is being done. Read HERE that no-one has listened for at least 113 year in my "last missive"! BTW, did YOU know that dead insects, even today, can be found piling "knee deep"? Just like Copenhagen, the climate summit, 2009 - no one listens - we will be JTL - Just Too Late! A vicious circle of decline? - Just as Colin Henshaw said in 1994!  (Media interests look HERE - some URLs are now redundant- sorry).   A reminder of IDA member David Crawford from 1991 - the warnings are repeated at regular intervals - they are just IGNORED - we really will be JTL! Dark skies over Lymm - Chris Reeves wins back the night for Lymm, Cheshire, in 2010. Shelly Quinton-Hulme, in Stretford, Manchester, England,  friend of Victoria Park, tells me that she joined in with World Earth Hour - did YOU? Scotland and Earth Hour are here with video. Shelly and friends at Victoria Park will hold a moth watch, 15th May 2010. Butterfly and bat night will follow in August.

BTW the oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico is making people aware of the harm of pollution. Did you know that light pollution affects turtles too?

There Once Was A Sky Full Of Stars - the video from Chile (with English subtitles) about the book from Bob Crelin. I am glad that I was a kid 50 years ago when I could see the stars and the sky at night.  Very few kids can do so today, apparently? Another book for kids is available now, The Great Year - Understanding 2012 and Beyond  by Ian Thorp. A few words from a chapter dealing with the issue of light pollution goes like this "Where I live it's very difficult to see the stars because of all the street light" said Jack. "Sorry to hear that, Jack - said the Captain". The Captain goes on to state that "Even now in your 21st Century there are a few who think everywhere should be artificially lit at night. But more recently many are in favour of reducing this light pollution or removing it all together"! Many thanks to Ian Thorp.

BTW we have ignored the concept that circadian disruption in the environment is damaging for over 113 years - is the mobile phone having similar "hidden" effects NOW? Perhaps politicians and more scientists should be better focussing their research? Please do not forget Late Brealing a few scrolls below!

Colin Henshaw has created a Mauritian Creole translation of this page HERE - enjoy! The pdf version is HERE.

The header article is from Challenge magazine, Summer 2006. Over five years on, Atumn, 2011, things have changed. People now think that turning off UNNECESSARY lights at night is a GOOD idea.  Or fit PIR lighting controls on street lights. At last the penny is maybe dropping? BTW we have a Late Breaking News segway a few scrolls down this page. Please give it a coat of looking at. Thanks. I give the definition of UNNECESSARY from Collins dictionary HERE. At PMQs 28-Oct-2009 Gordon Brown said he WILL turn off lights  on Downing Street for the CfDS - WHEN? He seemed to be remarkably patronising! BTW Parliament had a discussion 29 Oct 2009 on Light Pollution - Oral Answers To Questiosn - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  More COMPLACENCY and ignorance from UK Government? Listen to Mr. Peter "Lights ON" Hain, MP - HERE! Learn more of the Government complacency, once again from PM Gordon Brown, as a 17 year old asks about light pollution, in the Leicester Mercury HERE. Robin Bonell, half way down the page, had first been described as an "astrologer" until this correction HERE!.

PS Copenhagen WILL BE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME - see Late Breaking below. It WAS - Malini Mehra described Copenhagen, for the BBC, as the Munich of OUR Times - sad that the opportunity was apparently lost?

Light Pollution - The Problem. Dr John Mason's  video's excerpt from Portsmouth, 2006. Dr. Darren Baskill has placed new video links HERE to a selection from 2006. He tells me that he is adding even more  - 19 October 2009. They are HERE now!  BTW LP as an historic problem can be traced back to 1897 - YES 1897!

Astronomers use the term ‘light pollution’ or LP (sometimes also called light at night or LAN) to describe the effect of artificial night lighting obscuring the stars.  Professor Fred Watson, author of “Why Is Uranus Upside Down?", gives his thoughts on light pollution and astronomy but he also expresses the wider concerns to be found here and in other web pages. BTW the first UK Dark Sky sites have been inaugurated in Scotland. National Assembley For Wales - Supports the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies - the CfDS. Further to this Galloway Forest is up for an IDA Dark Sky Park award -The Times - well done Galloway! Galloway Forest NOW HAS its Dark Sky Status. Use Dan Nixon's Dark Sky Simulator to see just how good the GF really is HERE. - The GF is between Glasgow and Stranraer. Learn what YOU are missing in this VIDEO from the USA!

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT?  The CfDS hanbook describing the wider consequencies of the 24 hour day. You may have already read the frontispiece. Now you can buy the handbook itself.  Bob Mizon, MBE and I co-edited the handbook, published in 2009, and which many famous people now possess. Available from The CfDS, c/o 38 The Vineries, Colehill, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 2PX, United Kingdom. Here in the UK the unit price is about £3 per copy, including post and packaging. Over 70 copies were given to Armagh delegates and more recently environmentalists at a meeting in Cardiff received delegate copies as well - I hope that people read them? If they do not then we really will be JTL. Profs Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, Mike Edmunds, Monica Grady and astronomy historian Dr. Alan Chapman have their copies - do YOU? Even Labour Leader (ex-Shadow Climate Secretary), MP Ed Miliband has a copy - as does Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, MP and his deputy Dr. Vince Cable, MP (his is signed by the webmaster because he signed my copy of his book, The Storm! ). Even Trafford MP, Graham Brady has a copy. He likes chapter 4 best, which deals with the harm that ALAN can do to human health. Sadly a few climate change "experts" want to keep the lights on, apparently? But at least they all now have copies of "Blinded by the Light?" I hope that they and  Mike McCarthy, Julian Rush, David Hone, John Sauven, Chris Beardshaw and Tom Burke read it to learn why "keeping the lights on" is so harmful.

NB - The 9th European Dark Sky conference, Armagh Northern Ireland, 18-19 September 2009.   Professor Steve Lockley spoke LIVE from Harvard Medical Center. This was a FANTASTIC Dark Sky Symposium - the BEST ever. Children from Mount St. Catherine's Primary School, Armagh sing Starry, Starry Night on Youtube to remind us of what we have lost. You can access the conference presentations as the web site develops its archive. A MUST for environmentalists, astronomers and those who care (which may also include politicians - Colin Tudge's "public enemy NUMBER ONE"?). Enjoy the archive when it is up and running. Have a look here at the Galaxy That We Have Lost to LP/LAN - our own, the Milky Way. Time Lapse Video of what is lost! - as seen from a site in Idaho.

Francis Parnell suggested - 'Since the "natural environment" after sunset is darkness, maybe we should call it what it really is - night pollution.'  Is the 24 hour day killing off "Life On Earth"?  It appears that National Geographic agree with some aspects of these concepts? And so too does Starry Night Lights! BTW LP/LAN is killing biodiversity in Old Saigon? Now known as Ho Chi Minh City. Here you can read the quote that "In the long term, light pollution will possibly have DANGEROUS effects on ecological diversity" If the Vietnam URLs fail try this HERE! - (LA Times said the same 1897!) And someone in Can Tho, Minh Hai, Vietnam has Googled "reduce light in the UK" and found this web site. I hope that they link to the Ho Chi Minh City site?

This movie, of LP in the US of A,  from 1950 thru 2025, is fantastic HERE. Just scroll a little bit down the page to access the movie. The webmaster has created an (inferior) version for Europe HERE. Please excuse the political irony at the video end.

The City "Domes" of Wasted Energy Which Should Be Charging Our EVs and WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? by Chris Paine  You can buy the DVD here in the UK for only £4.43 P+P free.

A very big THANK YOU to this web site's visitors. It is over 6 years old and it gets a current average of just about 1  "HIT" every  hour after those years (it can be as high as 3/hour) - neat huh? You have HIT it ~110,384 times since 30 August 2006 when I created it.  It has now hit ~ 110,000  - and very well done me! Visitors (including reloads) are now listed by Extreme Tracking as being at ~175,676 (>175,000) What a lot that is - neat huh???  Did YOU contribute to World Earth Hour of the WWF? - Which I have supported since its inception in December 2006. Read more on my pages HERE - Wasted Light means Wasted Energy. And  BTW I have advised NASA via Dave Kanipe, William Jeffs, Kelly Humphries and others to get the ISS to watch EH, since it started in 2007 - 2012 was the first year that they bothered - a bit too late for me?  BTW did any of you see the ToV? The Transit of Venus? Summer 2012! My site currently has ~ 8 hits per day as a current 10 day average, although the long term 6.75 year figure is ~ 43 hits per day!  Tuesday 3rd September - the UK Autumn and the US Fall..  Now 2013 - THE YEAR OF AIR  which I explored recently in Telford, UK! BTW the world didn't end on the solstice last year - until the next end of the world that is- but then what if we actually live in a virtual world? Steven Field thinks that we do - a bit like MATRIX the movie - whew - however  I live in a material world - after all I am a retired Material Scientist so perhaps I know the truth - after all the truth does not have a sell by date anyway - whatever the truth is!? BUT don't forget that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (guiding Santa at night) has now been made completely redudundant because of ALAN!   And ALAN = unecessary Artificial Light At Night. BTW The truth about freedom does not have a sell by date  - a young Pakistan girl has taught us this lesson now in the 21st century - I just hope that she is awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2013!   Wednesday, 19th September, just ~5 months ago, was the inauguration of the Manchester Titan Chemistem - I published the design engineering required for atom imaging and analysis in 1989 - now we have our own Titan in Manchester - Brian Cox's centre of the academic Universe - neat huh? Manchester University BTW covers more than 39 orders of magnitude - nearly 42! - The answer to Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING - apparently. And we now head off towards Spring although it is still chilly.  If anyone reading this web site is interested, I now have Grid Buddy to KEEP MY LIGHTS ON during a power cut. I am NOT against light at night - I am against UNNECESSARY lights at night - period.  Brian claims that Manchester is the centre of the academic Universe - I know that as a fact, as a 1971 Manchester graduate, do you? Santa BTW last year didn't need Rudolph to light his way Christmas Eve, 2011 - the LP did that for him and Rudolph today is REDUNDENT! Sad isn't it? (We are now a little while after the 10th anniversary of 9/11- look at the dust from the WTC in this David Scharf SEM image HERE. And some of those who breathed this dust are dying today - very sad. Including, apparently, disco diva Donna Summer - We are now post Earth Hour 2012 and over 51 years since Yuri Gagarin went into space  (my Mum once shook his hand when he visited the capital of the north, Manchester, England). Next to NO interest in Earth Hour this year 2012. Sadly far less interest in Earth Hour last year (2871 versus over 5000 in 2010 and over 6000 in 2009!), than in previous years. This site had only ~30% of its EH hits compared with previous years - very sad! BTW  My site has  "HIT"  over 95,000 in nearly 6 years! Neat huh? It should hit over 100,000 in the next 3 months - how "Frank Sidebottom" fantastic is that? Sad though that so few realise the truth about LP/ALAN,  BUT the truth does not have any sell by date, apparently? With Earth Hour  March last year (2010), my web site exceeded 61,000! What will happen with WWF Earth Hour, March 2011? (Sadly we got tolerant complacency - period). On a more positive note, I returned September 2010, from the fantastic 10th European Dark Sky Symposium in Kaposvár, Hungary. Fantastic indeed, just like Armagh in 2009 and my first conference, Portsmouth 2006 Mihaly Janos Varro in Hungary, 2010, gave a superb summary of the circadian disruption problem caused by LAN - it will not be long before LAN, and not "shift work" per se, is declared to be a Group 2A  carcinogen. Lawyers wake up - where there's blame is there a claim? BTW last year's (2009)  Dark sky sumposium discussed ALAN/LP and human health (again!) . You can watch the video HERE from the 9th European Dark Sky Conference . Here you can watch Professor Steve Lockley, from Harvard Medical School, discuss the harm that sleep deprivation does to human health! The 9th European Dark Sky Symposium, in Armagh, NI, 18-19 September, 2009,  was just "brilliant"!  My JTL presentation can be found HERE, about 1hr10mins into the video, after BATS and TURTLES!  Did YOU follow the last Dark Sky Symposium in Hungary?  BTW the 2011 Dark Sky Conference was hosted in Osnabruck, Germany in 2011. Pleae view its web site URL HERE.  There is more in this PDF on my web site HERE. Please tell your friends about the hidden "passive" harm caused by light at night (LAN), often called light pollution (LP). Although strictly LP is a SYMPTOM of LAN. Moreover  tell others why turning OFF UNNECESSARY, repeat UNNECESSARY, artificial light at night is good for everyone and good for Life, the Universe and Everything. If we do not then maybe LAN will become the "new"asbestos (from an idea of Dr. Barry Clark, Australia)? With massive, unnecessary, litigation cases wasting more money.  (It has already been the "new" DDT for over 115 years?). My JTL Armagh presentation, as a single video, can be viewed HERE. The pdf version can be loaded HERE - enjoy? Hopefully YOU will not be too depressed - if we can educate our leaders we will succeed. The future is up to YOU! Please do NOT fail that future.

BACK TO THE FUTURE - Living today the future that was predicted in 1994? - or even 1897 " Lights (at night) could well eliminate insects over a large area. As the insect population declines, this will have an effect on the predators higher up in the food chain which feed on them. This would include many birds, lizards and frogs and small mammals (including bats). These effects would be above and beyond those already caused by loss of habitat through urbanisation. Many insects are pollinators of flowering plants, so as the insect population goes down the number of flowers successfully pollinated may also decline. This will lead to fewer plants and less plant diversity in years to come. Since many insects feed on plants the size of the insect population will further decline as we have fewer plants.
Light pollution is therefore a “green” issue and those organisations concerned about the environment, as well as the astronomical community, should be involved in combating the problem.    Colin Henshaw, a letter to the JBAA, May, 1994.   Insects are the primary food source for many predators (such as bats, birds, lizards and frogs), and their decline has a serious knock-on effect for other creatures.

A similar observation was made in September 1897 - YES that is right September 1897 acording to the LA Times. (Information courtesy of Dr. Travis Longcore, Urban Wildlands Group, California, USA). You can read the transcript as a DOC file HERE. Did you know that Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest corroborated this observation in the Independent, January 2010. Thanks Heather and Nigel - good on yer!  BTW Wikipedia carries this page describing the decline of an English songbird NOW! They have been in decline for 114 years - no-one listened then and no-one listens now - a bit like Copenhagen? I have just heard that J. A Allen, in Science of 1886 said that "It is only when man comes upon the scene that nature's balance is seriously disturbed." What an irony that such a modern statement is 124 years old? Allen was discussing "The Present Wholesale Destruction of Bird-Life in the United States". Nothing changes - just the populations of birds, as so many decline, apparently?

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FOR THOSE NEW TO THIS SITE, LIGHT AT NIGHT CAN BE ENERGY WASTE (WHICH COSTS US MILLIONS) - THIS ADDS TO GLOBAL WARMING, "NO LONGER A THEORY, BUT A HARSH REALITY"  SO REDUCE CLIMATE CHANGE BY TURNING OFF UNNECESSARY ARTIFICIAL LIGHT AT NIGHT (aka ALAN) You can read the definiton of UNNECESSARY from Collins dictionary HERE. Please know the FACTS of light pollution/light at night & tell friends. BTW LAN is emerging as a "possible" carcinogen, apparently? Read about unnecessary LAN, and the Light Brigade, in Manchester, England HERE.

Just got this in from a still very soggy Delaware, because of hurricane Sandy from teacher Ms.  Deborah Ward and her student Carrie about light pollution - - Thanks Deborah and Carrie.

Warning as light pollution hits rural Yorkshire - EXCLUSIVE !

If you want to see the Sky at Night for real emigrate to New Zealand -  live in  "Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve."

Earth Hour will be watched over from space as the lights go out - yeah and who cares - no one full stop. So why do I bother with the Precautionary Principle? Because I care and no one else does care. So clearly I am just wasting my time - period!

NASA -  Without the ability to see, the luminous Universe of stars, planets and galaxies would be closed to us, unknown forever. And yet because of light pollution we still cannot SEE - we are ALL Blinded by the Light(?) of LIGHT POLLUTION - period!

Climate change - What the heck is that? - Politicians tell us that it does NOT exist - what if it DOES?  'Invisible tsunami' of rising sea levels puts US coasts at risk, expert says  Just remember not to live in the USA, apparently?

Brecon Beacons National Park bids for dark sky status

The director of the Hayden Planetarium, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - the most amazing fact about us is that we are made from STARS. And I used to analyse those atoms from which we are made, in the analytical electron microscope - neat huh?

 Good gosh Miss Molly - garden crime increases as it gets lighter. Now who would have guessed that crime requires brighter lighing, apparently?

 Light pollution on Youtube   -   the NEW AND IMPROVED version.

A brighter future for transport infrastructure - and without ALAN, apparently? Within 25 to 30 years, with such auto-drive cars populating the highways, we may find that there is no need for streetlights, except along sections of roads where streetlights are designed to aid pedestrian activity.

Even more anthropogenic failure -  Ocean Acidification the "evil twin" of Climate Change, increasing faster than ever  - we really are on a hiding to nothing, apparently. My JTL scenario continuing to move forward and with less chance to do the U-turn before we really are too late?.

Prof. Brian Cox - eat your heart out -astronomy, science, youth and something else - IF you are NOT an astronomer watch the Earth Orbit the Sun in its Extraordinary Journey on BBC 2 this Sunday, with Kate Humble and newcomer,  Dr. Helen Czerski (who went to my wife's and sister-in-law's old school, Altrincham Girls Grammar School - neat huh?).

The BEST International Space Station, ISS, video ever - You decide - BUT just look at the appalling LP. It's everywhere at night - costing billions and killing people, apparently?

Just look up at the night sky and see the Universe - if you are lucky. Lucianne Walkowicz explains the problem on video.

 BBC News - Road lighting 'could be dimmed',  Lights on thousands of miles of major roads in England could be dimmed during quiet periods in a bid to sa

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