Will this be Italy in 2025?

Is light pollution killing our birds? - Challenge magazine, Summer 2006.

This image only includes Italy in 1971 whereas the 1998 area includes other countries as does the predicted light pollution image for 2025!

Dr. P. Cinzano, of Padova Univeresity is working on similar images for elsewhere in our light polluted world. Once he has completed this work we will be able to SEE just how bad things might become if we stand by complacently and do nothing!

 If you wish to have a look at the original image from his web site dealing with Light Pollution you can goto

http://www.lightpollution.it/dmsp/predictions.html where the original of this adapted image can be found.

Credit: P. Cinzano, F. Falchi, C. D. Elvidge. Copyright 2001 ISTIL, Thiene. Reproduced from ISTIL Report 2001.


Friedel Pas has provided a web page address for images of European LP over the years. Please go to 

You can clearly see the progress of LP over the years. What a nightmare the night sky will become in future years at this rate of progress? 

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